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The exceptional collections of the Hôtel de la Marine

Hôtel de la Marine, chambre d'apparat de Mme Thierry de Ville d'Avray, reflet du lit dans le miroir

Discover the collections of the Hôtel de la Marine, the former Garde-Meuble of the Crown.

A priceless treasure

As part of the process of opening up the Hôtel de la Marine, an emblematic monument on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, to visitors, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux carried out work from 2016 to 2021, in particular to restore the beauty and atmosphere of the building in the days of the first stewards of the Garde-Meuble: Pierre-Elisabeth de Fontanieu (1731-1784) and Marc-Antoine Thierry, Baron de Ville d'Avray (1732-1792).

The collection, consisting mainly of furniture from the Louis XVI period (1775-1790), includes more than 500 items of cultural property thanks to deposits from institutions such as the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Louvre Museum, the Decorative Arts Museum (MAD), the Cité de la Céramique de Sèvres, the Mobilier National, the Centre national des arts et métiers (CNAM), the Château de Versailles, the Centre national d'art plastique (CNAP) and the Banque de France.

Descendants of the Thierry de Ville d'Avray family, private individuals and regional museums have also contributed to the collection by depositing or lending works.

The "Collectio" inventory database

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux has also contributed through its acquisition policy, which is ongoing.

Access this inventory extracted from the "Collectio" inventory database, which is used to disseminate knowledge about the collections held in 76 sites managed by the Centre des monuments nationaux. More than 12,300 of the 162,000 items of cultural property conserved are protected as Historic Monuments. 72,000 of these items can already be found on Collectio.

The collections include fine arts, archaeology, popular arts and traditions, contemporary art, ethnology, natural sciences, numismatics, libraries and archives.

Within the Department for the Conservation of Monuments and Collections, the Inventory's missions are to establish the ownership status of cultural assets, and to study, inventory, collect, manage and disseminate collections. Items that may be registered in the inventory are those of historical or aesthetic interest. They are public property and therefore inalienable and imprescriptible.

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