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The Al Thani Collection

Among the most prestigious private collections in the world, the Al Thani Collection comprises an exceptional group of works of art covering a period from Antiquity to the present day.

What is the Al Thani Collection?

Encyclopedic in its approach and representative of a wide range of cultures and civilizations, the Collection celebrates the richness of human creativity and the universal power of art through the ages.

Opening in November 2021, the galleries dedicated to the Collection at the Hôtel de la Marine will present masterpieces from the Collection, while hosting temporary exhibitions co-organized with internationally renowned museums as well as occasional loans from partner institutions. In parallel with the exhibitions, study days and conferences are organized by the Collection in a dedicated room.

The Collection belongs to the Al Thani Collection Foundation, a non-profit organization whose main mission is to foster and promote art and culture. The Foundation supports artistic initiatives through museum projects, exhibitions, and the publication of scholarly works that celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures.

Previously, works from the Al Thani Collection have been presented to the public through temporary exhibitions in major international institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and the National Museum in Tokyo.

Treasures of the Al Thani Collection

Why is the Collection located at the Hôtel de la Marine?

The exhibition galleries of the Collection at the Hôtel de la Marine are the result of an agreement between the Centre des monuments nationaux and the Al Thani Collection Foundation. The Hôtel de la Marine will host works from the Collection for the next 20 years, along with a program of temporary thematic exhibitions.

Hôtel de la Marine vu depuis la place de la Concorde
Hôtel de la Marine vu depuis la place de la Condorde

Temporary exhibitions

More about the Al Thani Collection

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