Le Cordon Bleu Paris opens its doors at the Hôtel de la Marine

The Centre des monuments nationaux and Le Cordon Bleu Paris join forces to offer culinary workshops showcasing French gastronomic expertise at the Hôtel de la Marine.

15 November 2023

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a gastronomic journey to the heart of the Hôtel de la Marine

The Centre des monuments nationaux is teaming up with Le Cordon Bleu, a renowned institute of culinary arts and hotel management since 1895.

From the end of November 2023, at the Hôtel de la Marine, Le Cordon Bleu Paris chefs, including several Michelin-starred chefs, will be offering a range of gastronomic experiences for a wide audience, both individuals and groups.

Participants will be able to experience the savoir-faire of excellence and the French art of living through workshops and demonstrations in cuisine, patisserie and oenology, followed by tastings.

Information and reservations for workshops and culinary demonstrations on the Le Cordon Bleu Paris website .

Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu is the world's leading network of culinary arts and hotel management institutes, providing training for professions in the restaurant, hotel and tourism industries. Founded in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu's mission for over 125 years has been to pass on the techniques and know-how inherited from the great masters of French cuisine, pastry-making, baking, wine-making and hotel management. From the outset, Le Cordon Bleu has been open to the world, welcoming international students to its birthplace in Paris. Lectures are given in French by the teachers and translated into English by a translator, to make multicultural learning accessible.

The institute is exported to help promote French culture around the world, and to give students the means and techniques to showcase the culinary heritage of their home countries. Innovation and adaptation are essential in the culinary arts and hospitality fields, so Le Cordon Bleu is committed to research and development to create new programs that best meet the needs of its students. More than ever, Le Cordon Bleu is looking to the future and developing its ambitions while honoring its historical past.