The Confidant is a connected headset that serves as your tour guide. Using binaural audio technology, it breathes life into the people who once inhabited this building. This makes the guided tour original and immersive, plunging visitors into the full depth of the monument’s history.

As soon as you arrive at the Hôtel de la Marine, you will be equipped with The Confidant, a connected new-generation audio headset that will guide you throughout your visit. 

Explore the apartments of the Intendant of the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne as part of an original experience. The remarkable decor brought to light by the restoration campaign and the precision of the refurnishing will immerse you in the everyday life of this outstanding place of both intimacy and pomp.

In the grand reception rooms, visitors can enjoy not just the audio commentary but high-performance digital devices that breathe life into the great periods that marked the monument’s history.

The Confidant is a headset that offers to visitors a unique experience. Speaking into your ear, it shares information and anecdotes about the place and works seen. By wearing just an audio headset, you can enjoy your discovery in full by letting the characters’ voices guide you: the audio content is activated automatically.

So come and experience the era of the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne through immersive narration with binaural sound, also known as 3D audio effects. Binaural sound is a technological innovation that reproduces our natural listening in three dimensions.

For example, you might hear a fire crackling on your right. And if you turn your head towards that crackling, the fire will sound like it is in front of you. Or perhaps a character calls out to you from behind. Spin around and their voice will sound like the person is standing before you. The sound automatically follows your head’s movements

Without you realising it, your immersion in the 18th century at the Hôtel de la Marine will be full through binaural sound and the headset The Confidant.

The Centre des monuments nationaux developed the headset The Confidant (design by the company RSF in collaboration with Noise Makers) in partnership with Radio France, whose teams is specialised in binaural sound and immersive narration. Radio France’s set designers and sound engineers brought to this project all their technical and audio expertise.