Discover the stately reception rooms and the most beautiful view in Paris

Come and discover the stately reception rooms from the 19th century, as well as the monument’s loggia, a balcony that witnessed history in the making and that offers a unique view in Paris. With your family? Choose the most suitable audio visit for a successful experience.

The Reception Rooms & Loggia tour lasts 45 minutes and focuses on the gold-adorned stately reception rooms and the loggia, which offers one of the finest views in Paris:

Each visitor is equipped with The Confidant, a connected headset for an immersive visit, and is invited to choose an audio narration that sets the pace of their visit: 

  • Adult: Be guided by the audio experience of The Confidant and discover the entire story of the Hôtel de la Marine. 
  • Family: Learn about the monument’s history while having fun: an audiovisual trail of clues puts you at the head of an investigation into the incredible disappearance of the Crown Jewels. For visitors aged 6 and older. 

From the early days of Place de la Concorde to the monument’s famous people, travel back in time: discover the Hôtel de la Marine through innovative digital devices that will delight both young and old:

  • The gallery of portraits: Historical figures light up to tell you the tale of the monument.
  • The Hôtel de la Marine in detail: An animated cross-section of the building that immerses you in everyday life at the Hôtel de la Marine at the time of the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne.
  • The table of urban planning: A film that explains everything about the urban and architectural changes of Place de la Concorde and the monument.
  • The dancing mirrors: Large rotating mirrors for a panoramic discovery of the events that shaped the monument’s history.
  • The table of sailors: From the old office of the chief of staff, steer the story of sailors who made history with the French navy.

Circuit available for visitors aged 6 and older in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

The Confidant

The Confidant is a connected headset that serves as your tour guide. Using binaural audio technology, it breathes life into the people who once inhabited this building. This makes the guided tour original and immersive, plunging visitors into the full depth of the monument’s history.

Group visits

The Hôtel de la Marine can be visited alone or in groups. Find out about the visits available to groups of individuals, school pupils and tourism professionals, as well as the booking procedure.