The Centre des monuments nationaux would like to warmly thank the patrons of the Hôtel de la Marine.

The founding patrons

  • The Al Thani Collection Foundation

    The Al Thani Collection Foundation decisively helped restore the Hôtel de la Marine and helped it acquire some items that have enriched the collections displayed in the apartments of Thierry de Ville d’Avray.

  • Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière

    As patronage in kind, Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière contributed their expertise and skill to restoring 18th-century parts of the Hôtel de la Marine, including the apartments of Thierry de Ville d’Avray and those of his wife.


    The glass roof over the Intendant’s courtyard at the Hôtel de la Marine, made by Hugh Dutton (HDA Studio), enjoyed exclusive patronage from THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.


    Siaci Saint Honoré serves businesses as a leader in consultancy and brokerage in insurance for goods and people. It financially helped restore and refurbish the mirrors room and the golden room.

  • BPE

    The Banque Privée BPE, branch of the Banque Postale, committed to actions in favour of the inclusion of people with disabilities, has supported the creation of a tour adapted to people with disabilities.

  • Rolex

    Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker known worldwide for its expertise and for the high quality of its products, served as a patron in helping acquire a clock and in helping restore five 18th-century clocks provided by the Louvre Museum.


    PONANT is a world leader in luxury expeditions and the only French builder of cruise liners. The firm financially helped restore the chief of staff’s old office and produce the explanatory support featuring there.

  • JCB Card

    JCB provided financial support for the development of a web-application in 8 languages describing the furniture and works of art presented in the different visitor circuits of the monument.

  • ATD

    ATD, a branch of the EPC group, has specialised for more than 50 years in lead and asbestos treatment, sensitive environment renovation/rehabilitation and more generally in deconstruction/demolition. For more than 3 years, ATD's teams dedicated to the Heritage activity have worked on the Hôtel de la Marine. By providing support for the acquisition of furniture intended for the refurnishing of Thierry de Ville d'Avray's appartment, ATD wishes to celebrate a monument with which the company has formed an attachment, in memory of its intervention.

  • Codimat

    Codimat Collection, one of the major references in the fields of rug-edition and the creation of custom-made carpets, has designed an over-carpet to preserve the carpet in Madame Thierry de Ville-d'Avray's bedroom, a depository of the Banque de France.

Take part in the cultural life of the monument, support the acquisition of a work of art, help develop learning programmes … each firm can back the project that best fits its values, image and aims.