Visit our new book and gift shop in the heart of Paris!

At the heart of Enlightenment

The book and gift shop echoes the history of the monument, an iconic palace of the Enlightenment where the Garde-Meuble Intendant and his wife would host the capital’s intellectuals in their apartments. 

The new space also reflects the renaissance of this edifice, which has undergone extensive restoration combining modern techniques with the era’s expertise to restore the magnificence of the Hôtel de la Marine.

This blend of the 18th and 21st centuries, which can be explored in the book and gift shop, is prominent in the Intendant’s courtyard, where a diamond-shaped glass roof has been made, and in the court of honour, where visitors can discover a resolutely modern illuminated walkway once they have passed the 18th-century archways.

A trip through history and creation

Traits of the Enlightenment are prominent, with a modern touch in line with the outstanding restoration of the monument. 

The 18th century is revisited with 21st century trends. This combination is given pride of place.

You will be welcomed into a very contemporary world that reflects the era’s conventions. Through countless works and objects evoking the period when the monument was built, you will dive into the 18th century.

Philosophy, literature, fashion, jewellery, cuisine, tableware, games and music are all fields to explore in this unique site at the heart of Paris.

Visit our book and gift shop in the court of honour of the Hôtel de la Marine. It is open to all from the Place de la Concorde or Rue Royale.

See the opening times of the book and gift shop, as well as practical information about it, here.